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Thank you for your interest in our book project.  For more information about the book, click the Learn More button below:

There's an Elephant in My Room!

by Steven Haggard

This page provides information on our crowdfunding/fundraising efforts for this project (Our GIVEAWAY promotion ended on May 31, 2021). 


Lets take a look at some of the products available for this fundraiser:

"What is Crowdfunding and why are you doing it?"

We are a new, family-owned self-publishing company, and this is our first book project.  Don't think this has been hastily put together, though. This book has been a labor of love for 10 years!  Our children have grown up loving the story, our friends' children love the story, and we are so excited to share it with you and the kids in your life! We know you will love it, too!

Especially for startup companies, new projects can be costly and questionable when you don't already have a customer base.  "Will I ever sell enough copies of my book to pay for the costs of production?"


Crowdfunding is a way to gain funds for a project before it is completed and to find your audience who will love what you have to offer.  It often involves collecting donations from supporters, with the promise of a future gift or "presale."   Because those promises can get out of hand, and projects don't always go as planned, crowdfunding can be risky for both the company and the supporters.

However, we are taking a different approach to crowdfunding.

Instead, we are selling promotional products for our book BEFORE the book is complete.  Unlike most crowdfunding gifts which arrive after the project is finished, our products are items that are already available in our store and will arrive within about 2 weeks from the time of purchase (the time it takes to print, prep, and ship the item).  This means you do not have to wait for our book to be on bookshelves before you receive your purchased products. 


"What are the risks?"

Unlike most crowdfunding efforts, receipt of your purchased items from this sale is not dependent on the completion of the project. This is more like a sales fundraiser where you receive your item within a short timeframe from the purchase date. The risks are the same as shopping for similar merchandise online. We use reputable third-party providers who protect your information as described in our Terms and Conditions


The book text, illustrations, and final manuscript files are COMPLETE.  We are in the process of proofing the products with our printers and eBook distributors.  The release date will be October 6, 2021, and pre-orders for autographed hardcovers will open in July.  To ensure you do not miss this pre-sale., which will include a free handmade bookmark for each pre-ordered copy, subscribe to our newsletter below.