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About Us

At Good Kitty Publications, we celebrate creative stories with a touch of levity.  We believe that a clever play on words, an unlikely hero, or an infamous plot twist can transform a simple story into a treasured tale and can inspire creativity in kids and kids at heart.  We are a family-owned and operated self-publishing platform, and we strive to create and promote wholesome and humorous publications from our family to yours.  

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- Steven Haggard, Author -

Steven lives in East Tennessee with his wife and three daughters and all the fuzzy, scaly, and slippery creatures these ladies sneak into the house.  Their home is full of books, fur tumbleweeds, and silliness...

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- Courtney Haggard, Talent Wrangler -

Courtney lives with her family, which just happens to be the same one as Steve's, and is responsible for encouraging all of their creative minds to dream up fantastic new tales and... 

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