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Debut title by author
Courtney Haggard

An endearing and allegorical study of the Gospel with a study plan, guided discussion, and bedtime story. 

For Ages 6 - 12 and beyond

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About the Book

Explain Salvation and Service Through Story

“The House on the Far Hill” by Courtney Haggard is a devotional for ages 6 and up that ignites the desire to know Christ and make Him known. Each chapter in the book progressively discusses the plan of salvation and the need for repentance of sin. Bible reading, discussion, and verses are paired with captivating illustrations and an engaging story sure to delight children and children at heart.

The devotional is perfect for family, church, ministry and the “one-room schoolhouse.”

The lessons are written with simplicity to lead children ages 6 to 12 to a deeper understanding of salvation while also being designed to seamlessly support thoughtful Biblical discussions among all ages and backgrounds.

An introduction provides information for parents and educators on different methods and schedules for applying the content of the book.  Each chapter begins with Bible reading and guided discussion, as well as a memory verse provided in the King James Version (KJV).  The author then provides a building, allegorical “bedtime story” of a servant girl who wishes to be free. Finally, the Bible lesson and the story are pulled together at the conclusion of each chapter through application questions.

Christian concepts…are simplified through immaculate illustrations and sweet, captivating analogies that would draw children of all ages into a deeper relationship with God. – Peter Kamenju, Writer

Using this Book

Each chapter in this book guides a progressive discussion through the plan of salvation to draw hearts to Christ and to cultivate a desire for Godly service. This book is designed to be used in the home, in the church, and for Bible camp activities. It is also offered as an engaging and extended form of a gospel tract. The language is written so that even the discussion questions and reviews can be read verbatim for ease of use. The primary audience is elementary-aged children; however, it can be enjoyed by all ages and can be used effectively in a “one-room schoolhouse” environment or as a theme for a multi-age church event.


The book contains four chapters, each divided into three sections. First, the “Before You Begin” section includes Bible reading and discussion, which can be used during devotional time. Next, the “Bedtime Reading” section is written like a short story chapter book and tells the story, progressively through each chapter, of a little servant girl who finds her way to everlasting freedom. Each bedtime story addresses the same topics used in the “Before You Begin” devotional.


The final section, “Chapter Review,” is much more than a review and is a critical part of the study. The review not only checks for engagement and comprehension but ties the Bible lesson and servant girl story together toward a personal application of the chapter as a whole. This is the section where children often begin to ask questions and tell stories of their own experiences and can open the discussion for exploring other topics of interest for future study.

Schedule and Sequence

The chapters should be completed in order. The schedule for the study is flexible. For Bible camps, one Chapter per day will allow for completing most, if not all, of the content, and the only difficult part is stifling the discussion to call it bedtime officially! The content of a single chapter, by itself, takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. For this reason, it is advisable to reserve at least an hour for a chapter.


If your bunch is talkative and inquisitive, you may expect a longer lesson. That can be a very long bedtime schedule!  If this creates time constraints or if you are working with younger children or those with limited attention spans, the three sections of each chapter can be split into separate lessons with a small amount of additional review necessary to begin the final “Chapter Review.”  Families and overnight church camps might consider doing the “Before You Begin” section in the morning and proceeding with the rest of the chapter before bedtime.


Turn to the last page of this book for an invitation to download the FREE Servant’s Heart Activity Packet filled with printables, activity ideas, and even a 5th chapter.

Inside the cover...
What reviewers are saying...

Having read Courtney Haggard’s children’s fiction books before, it was a pleasant surprise to come across her new Christian publication for children- “The House on The Far Hill: A Devotion Time Study on Salvation and Loving Service”. The Christian book is essentially a devotional that can be used to ignite the desire to know Christ in children. Each chapter in the book progressively discusses the plan of salvation and the need for repentance of sin. I was impressed by how easily the author explains the concept of sin and why everyone needs to get born again. Moreover, one chapter uses the story of a servant girl who is burdened by guilt to explain that salvation is by grace and not by works. These are Christian concepts that are irrevocable and that form the foundation of the faith. Nonetheless, they are simplified through immaculate illustrations and sweet, captivating analogies that would draw children of all ages into a deeper relationship with God. Like Jesus’s parables that would make complex information easy to comprehend, every story progressively introduces the reader to crucial spiritual information. This book is ideal for families, churches, or youth ministries with children aged 6-12 years, but is still suitable for all ages (I enjoyed it even though I am an adult!). The devotional is also perfect for the “one room schoolhouse” homeschooling family. Parents and grandparents looking for a bedtime story to read to their children and grandchildren will thoroughly enjoy this book. Additionally, pastors and youth ministers looking for a devotional to use in ministering to children have found a great teaching aid in this book. Ministers will certainly be impressed by the fact that the book is riddled with bible verses that approve the messages in the devotional to be scriptural. Thus, the book will also make it easier for children to understand the bible and for the whole family to be able to discuss spiritual matters at the dinner table because children will now understand salvation, grace, and forgiveness of sins. This is the just the perfect gift to buy for any child! I would certainly recommend buying it for children as a life changing gift to them.         

- Peter Kamenju, Author and Professional Book Reviewer

With the story, you have just informed all that salvation is full and free. The devotional book has passed the level of middle age. It is meant for all - young and old.

- Editor, Love Winner

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The House on the Far Hill:
A Devotion Time Study on Salvation and Loving Service

Copyright 2021, Courtney Haggard, All rights reserved

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