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GKP Doodle Day

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

What is GKP Doodle Day?

Once a month, on the third Saturday of the month, Good Kitty Publications hosts GKP Doodle Day by posting a sweet, strange, or silly doodling idea on our Facebook page. Artists of all talent levels are encouraged to doodle in their favorite medium, or try something new! Whether you like to sketch, scribble, paint, or plaster, this is all about having fun creating together.

Are there any rules?

We are a family-oriented company, and many of our participants prefer crayon. We ask that artists remember to keep those pieces appropriate for family content.

Where can I find some examples

As we receive artwork from our GKP community, some may be displayed in our doodle gallery. Check back soon for more info!

We love to see your creations!

If you share your artwork on social media, be sure to tag us so we can see it. You can also email it to us at In accordance with our site Terms & Conditions, by emailing us any artwork submissions, you agree that you own the art and that we have the right to use the image on our website, emails, social media accounts, etc.

We cannot include the artist's name in artwork posts except in unique situations where agreements are made regarding the content. If you have questions about becoming a featured artist, please contact us.

I have an idea for a doodle day topic. What should I do?

We appreciate the creativity of our doodling community! If you have a doodling idea, you can submit it to us using the Contact Us form on our site. Please note that our schedule is often planned out months in advance, so it may be a little while before you see your doodle idea on our sites. Again, by submitting an idea, you agree to its use on our website, emails, social media accounts, etc.

Where do I find more doodle ideas?

Previous GKP Doodle Day posts can be found on our Facebook Page at

GKP Doodle Day Lineup - Drawing Prompt List

Have fun doodling!

  • An Animal in a Bubble (11/2021)

  • A Cat in a Strange Place (10/2021)

  • A Very Happy Lamp (09/2021)

  • Your Favorite Meal (08/2021)

  • A Hot Dog or a Hotdog (7/2021)

  • The Last Slice of Bread (6/2021)

  • A Bad Hair Day (5/2021)

  • A Rain-Soaked Flower (4/2021)

GKP Doodle Day is a trademark of Good Kitty Publications LLC.

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