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The Desire to Create

Because most of my content is related to books, writing, and self-publishing, you may be surprised to know that I had a love-hate relationship with reading and writing for the better part of my life. In fact, when I was making college decisions, I wanted to go the STEM route primarily to avoid having to read and write. I love God’s sense of humor and immeasurable foresight, though, as the formative years of my STEM career shaped themselves around reading and writing massive technical documents.

Being an engineer in a family of engineers, I find numbers in the Bible so fascinating – a glimpse into our Creator’s interest in logic, and order, and math. He is truly the Great Mathematician because he created it, and without him, Mathematics would not exist. I love moments of seeing how God interlaced this world He created with concepts that are inherent to and because of Him.

The Bible tells us that God made us in his image. As part of his Creation, he gave us qualities and interests inherent to Him. I have seen this concept explored countless times in reference to mathematicians and scientists.

One of my favorite high school teachers would occasionally stop what she was doing, look back at us from the board, and with such contagious fervor exclaim, “I love Calculus!” Mrs. B’s genuine love of Calculus would have never been if it weren’t for a God who created the order – both finite and infinite – that we explore through Calculus.

The same can be said for us as creatives.

Consider God as Creator imparting upon this world the concept of creation. He not only created, but in doing so, made creation a real concept that exists in our world. And after God created, he saw that it was good and rested.

God enjoyed his creation.

This quality of enjoying one’s handiwork also seems to be extended to us. We have a God-given desire to create, and for many of us creatives, it brings us such joy to do so. It is that joy that keeps us creating.

I want to be careful here and note that we don’t always use those God-given and God-inspired qualities the way we should. We each create with the imperfect mind and body of a human being. We all fail, and we all sin. Our creation can be easily swayed by the raging war with flesh and principalities and powers. We must be careful to create prayerfully.

I am so thankful for God’s gift of Creation (he gave us everything we will ever know) and of creation (he gave us the ability, desire, and joy of creating). I am thankful that, through creating, I have an opportunity to understand more fully The Love of a Creator.

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