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GKP Writing Prompts

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

What are GKP Writing Prompts?

We created these Good Kitty Publications writing prompts to inspire a love of creative writing. These prompts are most often in the comic strip style shown in the cover image and include carefully curated artwork to show a few snapshots in time.

The fun comes in when young authors use their imaginations to piece together what happened before, between, and after each of the pictures. Some of the prompts will include a blank square so that the writer can also illustrate a scene that depicts his or her version of the story. Everyone tells stories in different ways, so for young authors who prefer to draw their stories, we also have a blank GKP Writing Prompt page available for our email subscribers. You can find the download button at the bottom of this post.

How do I help my children with their stories?

Remember the purpose: You want your kid to enjoy writing. Well, this is where you have to turn off that instructional voice inside your head that says, "That isn't the way I would do it." This is meant to be fun, and there are no wrong answers. If your child imagines that the superhero got his powers by eating a purple hotdog, let her go for it. Let her enjoy and explore her own story. Fight the urge to be the director, and definitely avoid being critical.

Many of us struggle with that as parents. Somewhere between "Please don't feed goldfish crackers to the fish," and "For the fifth time, wash your dishes!" we have trained ourselves to be concerned with all the little details. One great way to show appreciation for their story writing while dodging that cringe you feel building inside is to say, "Wow, that is creative!" or "I can tell you are working hard on that story!" A little bit of support goes a long way in building kids' writing confidence.

Ask guiding questions: Have your kids answer questions about what they think is happening in the story, and have them take notes. For younger kids, you can take the notes for them. It may be helpful to arrange the answers in sequence for easier story building. Here are some examples of guiding questions:

  • What do you think is happening in this story?

  • How does the {character} feel? Why?

  • Who else is involved?

  • What does the {character} see? Hear? Taste? Smell?

  • What does the {character} need?

  • What do you think the {character} will do next?

  • When does this take place? (examples could be day, month, season, time of day, or even descriptive phrases like "before dinner")

  • Where will the {character} go next?

Where do I find more story writing ideas?

Our previous GKP Writing Prompts and GKP Doodle Day posts can both be inspiring for those who love to tell a story. For more information, visit us on Facebook or go to our GKP Doodle Day page for a list of doodling ideas. Additionally, you can check back here to find previous GKP Writing Prompts.

Show me the free downloads!

The subscriber-only downloadable freebie below includes two different blank formats of the GKP Writing Prompts for those who want to get creative with the writing and the drawing. The first form is just like the form that subscribers see every month, only without the illustrations. The second form includes lines for title and story. Be sure to print the PDF file in "landscaped" format.

Good Kitty Publications freebies are available to mailing list subscribers. Click the link below to be taken to the download form where you will have an opportunity to subscribe to the mailing list. Already a subscriber? No problem! Just enter your name and email address into the form as you did when you first subscribed. Your free download will be delivered to you.

GKP Doodle Day is a trademark of Good Kitty Publications LLC.

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