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Forget "house cat." This cat has ambition!


Cat is bored with sitting around the house, so he makes a very unusual decision. Cat decides to get a job. Will he work at the aquarium? The furniture store? The dentist? When Cat meets the manager at Davidson Accounting, he knows it will be the perfect fit...or will it? Can one creative cat be successful in the office? Find out in this clever, silly, rhyming book for kids.​


Children ages 5 to 8 will enjoy Cat's humorous (and smelly!) office adventure. The book includes a seek-and-find activity inside the cover and a downloadable activity packet perfect for feline fans. Click here to learn more.


GIFT-QUALITY BOOK. This package includes either an 8" x 10" premium color hardback or paperback edition of Cat Gets a Job with optional autograph. Package Upgrade* also includes a premium color version of There's an Elephant in My Room! in the same selected format (more info below).


AUTOGRAPH INSTRUCTIONS. Please include the name you wish the author to use for the autograph inscription of Cat Gets a Job in the customization field (i.e., if this is a gift for your child whose name is Jonathan, but you want us to use his nickname of "Johnny," please type "Johnny" into the customization field). If you want only the author's autograph and no "to" name, just leave the field blank. If you want your book to have no autograph, please type "NO AUTOGRAPH" in the customization field. To order multiple books with multiple customized autographs, please add them individually to the cart.


*PACKAGE UPGRADE. As a special offer for a limited time, we are offering the option to add on a discounted, signed copy of There's an Elephant in My Room! by Steven Haggard. Normally $16 (paperback) or $22 (hardcover), we will include a paperback copy for only $10 or a hardcover for only $15. **The discount copy will be of the same format you choose for your Cat book** and will include a standard autograph signature without customization (sorry, we have no way to collect customization on the add-on).


DELIVERY SCHEDULE. Deliveries will be received on or shortly after the book release date of September 13, 2022. We cannot deliver books before that date. If you order other items in our store, they will arrive in separate packages. Autographed books may take 1-2 weeks to arrive.


INDIVIDUAL/BULK PRICING. Pricing includes the MSRP and TN Sales Tax, plus media shipping & handling of $4 for shipped items. For information on bulk pricing options for quantities over 5, please Contact Us.

Cat Gets a Job

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